Brazed Brand Modern Paddle Cuff Bracelet - COSA 71

Brazed Brand Modern Paddle Cuff Bracelet

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"This simple raw brass cuff is a beautiful, organic, and modern piece. The cuff features a solid brass wire hammered and formed into a cuff. The ends have been hammer-textured and shaped into flat paddles. NOTE: THE BRASS IS INTENTIONALLY LEFT UN-SEALED TO ALLOW FOR NATURAL OXIDATION TO OCCUR. AS THE METAL AGES, IT DARKENS AND DEVELOPS A DISTINCT AND WARM PATINA. IT ADDS CHARACTER"


About Brazed Brand:

"Erica Taylor is the Owner and Maker of Brazed Brand Studio. Established in 2010 and based out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area, Brazed Brand Studio is a small private studio specializing in high-quality handcrafted crystal and raw metal jewelry. Here you will find raw minerals and unique crystal specimens sourced from around the world. She marries these natural elements with various materials, textures, colors, and finishing techniques. Her designs have been featured on various blogs, in gift guides, and included in swag bags for the Country Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards, GBK Oscar and Emmy gift lounges as well as featured in OK! Magazine."